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#1 Southern Yellow Pine
Common Lumber - #1 SYP

2x8's, 2x10's, & 2x12's in various length.  Manufactured out of #1 grade southern yellow pine.

Dimensional Lumber #2 & Better Hi-Line S4S
Common Lumber - #2 & Better Hi-Line S4S

Our standard 2x4's & 2x6's.  Hi-line is made of white spruce, pine, and alpine fur and is used in many applications because of its high quality, stability, and durability.  All boards are S4S meaning they are surfaced/finished on all four sides

Dimensional Lumber -  #2 & Better SPF
Common Lumber - #2 & Better SPF

A more economical board than our standard 2x's.  #2 Grade SPF. Available in 2x4's & 2x6's in select lengths.

Dimensonal Lumber - Premium Grade Studs
Common Lumber - Premium Grade Studs

Premium grade studs.  Precut to wall height.  Available in 2x4-8's, 2x4-9's, 2x6-8's, & 2x6-9's.

Dimensional Lumber Gorman Elite #2 & Better

Available in 1x4's, 1x6's, 1x8's, 1x10's, & 1x12's.  Rounded edges with 40% less edge wane than industry standard.  Ideal for trim & projects.

Gorma Craftsman Dimensional Lumber #3 & Better

Available in 1x4's & 1x6's in multiple lengths.  Perfect for furring & framing.

Hixson Treated Lumber
Hixson - Treated Lumber

Available in 1x4's, 1x6's, 1x8's, 2x4's, 2x6's, 2x8's, 2x10's, & 2x12's.  MCA .15 Ground Contact treatment.

Hixson Treated Lumber

4x4's & 4x6's -  MCA .15 Ground Contact treatment.

6x6's -  CCA.60 Ground Contact treatment.

Hixson Premium Treated Deck Boards

5/4 x 6" - 8', 10', 12', 16', & 20's.  Premium #1 Grade treated deck boards with rounded edges.


Engineered I Joists & LVLS
I-Joists & LVL's

I-Joists & LVL's engineered for your project's needs.  Available lengths and sizes.

Ohio Timberland Laminated Columns

Laminated columns engineered to be stronger than your standard post.  Perfect for use in post frame applications. Available in 2x6 3-ply, 2x8 3-ply, 2x6 4-ply, & 2x8 4-ply in both treated and non-treated applications.

Rehkemper & Son Trusss
Truss Slater Truss Systems

Truss & floor systems delivered direct to your jobsite.  Rehkemper has a wide offering from trusses for everyday application to rustic exposed trusses.

Truss Slater

Truss & floor systems.  Engineering, quoting, jobsite consults - whatever you need to get your job going.


Bevel Cedar Siding
Bevel Cedar Siding

Cedar lap siding available in 1x6 & 1x8's in various lengths.

Big-V Treated T&G Boards
"Big V" Treated T&G Board

Treated tongue & groove board with "Big V" joint system.  2x6' - 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', & 20's (covers 4 3/4").

Pine Carsiding

1x8 - 8', 10', 12', 14', & 16'.  (Covers 6 1/2").  Middle v-groove on one side or reversible with no v-groove.

Clear White Pine Dimensional Lumer
Clear White Pine #1

Clear grade 1x's in various widths & lengths.  No knots for specialty millwork and projects.

Dog Ear Treated Fence Boards
Dog Eared Fence Boards

1x6 - 6' with dog ear cut on one side.  Treated for exterior fences.  Assemble yourself or purchase in pre-made fence panels.

Nickel Gap Wall Cladding
Fineline "Nickel Gap"

Recreate a rustic look with "Nickel Gap" boards.  Available in 1x8 - 12's & 16's (covers 6 5/16").

Log Cabin Siding
Log Cabin Siding

Traditional look log cabin siding. 2x8 -12's & 16's

Rough Sawn Cedar
Rough-Sawn Cedar

Rough-Sawn Cedar available in multiple widths and lengths.  Great for exterior or a rustic interior finish.

SYP Treated Flooring
Southern Yellow Pine - Treated Flooring

Treated T&G SYP exterior flooring. 1x6 -16's

1X4 Vertical Grain Fir Flooring
Vertical Grain Fir Flooring

1x4 Vertical Grain Fir Flooring.  Perfect for matching old porch floors. Varied lengths of 1x4's.

Great American Spaces Barnwood Wall Cladding

Rustic series wall cladding in various styles & colors

Primelinx - Shiplap & Primed Products
Primelinx Primed Boards

Primelinx various array of pre-primed materials.  Includes nickel gap wall cladding, shiplap, & trim boards.

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